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383Pcs Fishing Lures Tackle Box Bass Fishing Animated Lure Crankbaits Spinnerbaits

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This fishing lure kit is composed of hard lifelike fish lures and soft plastic lures that resemble frog, bug, worms, and shrimps. The vivid colors and flexible movement can easily attract more fish from shallow to deep water. Premium material and exquisite workmanship contribute to the reinforced body and smooth surface, ensuring longer lifespan. Just take these attractive life-like lures on your fishing trip and enjoy the happiness of rich harvest!

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    • Lifelike Lures: Hard lures feature highly simulated fish eyes and reflective plated surface, like real fish in water. With streamlined body and built-in gravitational balls, the hard lures can dive fast and deeply into water and increase the chance of catching as more fish as possible.


    • Better Maneuverability: The soft lures resemble frog, bugs, worms and shrimps in vivid colors, which are easier to manipulate in each fishing situation. Tail-swinging worms can always be the target for large fish.


    • Premium Quality: Made of durable PVC, hard plastic, and stainless-steel material, which is corrosion-resistant and will not deform easily. Moreover, this lure set can be used repeatedly, money-saving and more convenient.


    • Portable Tackle Boxes: All the fishing lures can be stored in two tackle boxes, one for soft lures, and the other for hard ones. Bring much convenience when transport and storage.


  • Wide Application: Applied to attract both freshwater and saltwater fishes, such as Bass, Trout, Walleye, Perch, Crappie, Northern Pike and Salmon.


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