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12V 150W Portable Car Heater 2 In 1 Heating Cooling Fan

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You can warm yourself with heated jacket, blanket and gloves. You may wonder if there is a portable heater for cars. Don\’t worry. This portable car heater can accompany you through the cold winter. When your vehicle’s heater malfunctions, this heater can be an ideal alternative to warm up the air in the car. This heater is also suitable for defrosting windshield and warming your hands in seconds. There are two voltage options for your choice, 12V and 24V. Choose it according to the battery quantity of your car.

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    • Heater And Fan: This car defogger combines the functions of heating and Cooling. In winter, just switch it to the heating mode to warm up the icy air in the car to defrost the windshield. You can also choose the fan mode to blow the air to refresh your mind.


    • 10S Fast Heating: This heater, powered by car cigarette, will quickly heat up the air without waiting for the engine to warm up. Offer you with comfortable and safe driving.


    • Rotatable Heater: Come with nearly 180 degree joint; and 180 degree rotate U holder, our heater enables you to adjust the target direction and rotate up and down at will. Keep the wind shield clear and warm your body.


    • Easy To Install: Just stick the suction cup on the windshield. Insert the heater to the U holder. Then insert the plug into the car socket and choose the desired mode after turning it on. The compact size will not block the driving sight.


  • Wide Applications: Two voltage options for you, 12V and 24V. Suitable for car, truck, van, bus, and etc.. Our car heater is an ideal choice for camping, travelling, and transportation.


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